Change of Seasons- Fall

Returning from Sicily where the temperatures were still hot, Tuscany was  a little cooler and fall is starting to show it's colors. The wine harvest has started and the roads are full of trucks ...

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Sicily is DIVINA

I have never been to Sicily in September. Usually, I come "off-season" in March for the St Joseph's day celebrations , in May, just before the tourist season starts or in Fall when the new oil is ...

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Truffled Farro Salad-Chicchi

Ages ago on a trip down to Umbria, we stayed in a castle hotel run by locals that has restored the abandoned castle. We dined there one night. Chef Donatella Lauteri, the young wizard in the kitchen, ...

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Garden to Table- Eggplant

When summer hits, we are also hit with a glut of vegetables from the garden. Actually not MY garden. We learned that we just cannot keep up with raising and eating as much as a few plants produce and ...

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Seasonal Recipes- Grapes

This summer was killer hot. The hottest summer in 30 years. It wouldn't be so bad if Italians used ice in their drinks and liked air conditioning. For me, just a little too extreme! But, August ...

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