Polpettone di Patate- Osteria Luchin

I love road trips. My first trips to Europe all included France as my Grandfather was born in Soisson, south of Paris. I studied French for 14 years and was a French Pastry chef. But somehow, ...

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Roman Toast- playing with my food

I woke up this morning and decided to make myself a little "brunch". I received a lovely gift of a families homemade maple syrup and so was dreaming about French Toast with the homemade loaf o made ...

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Festivals {Viareggio Carnivale}

Italy is fabulous at festivals and some are totally worth planning a trip around. You do risk some bad weather, but, it is the best. My nephew was here for two weeks for a full immersion in food and ...

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Artichokes- Leaf to Stalk

I hate waste. We often talk about nose-to-tail cooking meat, but as an ex-vegetarian, often what we clean away from a vegetable is wasted. Last spring, while cleaning fava beans, the bag of the ...

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