Summer Rosso

Today we are celebrating! Our first tomato is ripe. I am celebrating #Summerrosso on FB and Twitter. What most people don't know is that Italians enjoy green tomatoes. Not hard unripe ...

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Walnut Sauce- Salsa di Noce

There are a lot of recipes to celebrate Saint's days. In Florence, June 24th is Saint John the Baptist, San Giovanni, is the patron Saint and there are parades, a historic soccer game and ...

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Old School Italian- Octopus: Polpo

  I was never a fan of octopus. My mom never prepared it and whenever I did try it, I found it like eating rubber bands, too tough and chewy. When I was in Greece, probably 35 years ago, I ...

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Summer Salads from Sicily

Each trip to Sicily makes my head spin. It was impossible to decide what to write about for a blog post, so I just let it sink in for awhile. At home, I am cooking octopus, but you probably ...

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