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Ivana’s Bread Bakery

For 20 years I lived just in front of the Mercato Centrale in Florence. What a blessing. Such a choice for ingredients and shopping. In front of the market, hidden behind the stands selling ...

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Lost Recipes-Salame Dolce

This is one of my favorites to keep in the freezer as a back-up dessert! Richer and fancier versions sold in pastry shops now have melted chocolate and chopped nuts added to make it more of a candy ...

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Trattoria Mario’s Ribollita

Trattoria Mario's is a home away from home for almost all the students that come to the study abroad programs in Florence. This tiny family trattoria began as a fiaschetteria 4 generations ago. These ...

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Tuscan Beans

My friend Samin has declared January #beanmonth. In Tuscany. every month is bean month. Tuscans are called mangiafagioli, bean eaters for their large consumoption of beans. In Florence, dining out, ...

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