Garden to Table- Eggplant

When summer hits, we are also hit with a glut of vegetables from the garden. Actually not MY garden. We learned that we just cannot keep up with raising and eating as much as a few plants produce and ...

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Seasonal Recipes- Grapes

This summer was killer hot. The hottest summer in 30 years. It wouldn't be so bad if Italians used ice in their drinks and liked air conditioning. For me, just a little too extreme! But, August ...

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Amatriciana Sauce- My Way

I don't want to start any fights, so up front just let me say that this is NOT the traditional way they make Amatriciana sauce in the town of Amatrice or in Rome. But in Italy, there are as many ...

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Bless this Kitchen- San Lorenzo

August 10th is the feast day of San Lorenzo, he is considered patron saint of cooks as well as the poor and librarians. He was grilled alive so is depicted with a grill by his side and often ...

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A Taste of Puglia- Plic/Plac

I have been going down to Puglia for about 8 years, each time researching new areas and looking for places to organize culinary weeks. I finally put it all together and created something special for ...

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