Leo’s Artichokes

carciofi di leo

Today I am in the middle of my artichoke labor of love!
Trying to get artichokes this year was hard!
Even with Leo, my artichoke maestro, I barely could get 150 baby artichokes.
We had hail last week, which ruined much of the crop, and as I was at Leo’s stand some lady was buying them all up!
Luckily Leo had put some away for me, the tiniest, but she went into a buying frenzy when I was ready to get more..and bought up almost the whole table!

What is great, is I got ANOTHER recipe from Leo, his Frittata di Carciofi , Artichoke Frittata

Leo’s Frittata di Carciofi

Taking some of the artichokes, cut and cleaned as for the fried artichokes, saute them in oil until browned on both sides.
Remove extra oil.
Pour in milk, and cover pan and cook until milk is absorbed.
Salt lightly.
Beat eggs, add some grated parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and add to pan, cover and cook until the egg sets.
You could also finish in the oven.


The milk gives this recipe a really incredible flavor and texture.


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    Great to see you blogging! I was just at the local ranch where I get apricots for jam, and I was yacking with the owner, telling her about this no-stir artichoke risotto I made last year. She asked me for the recipe and I was looking to see if it was on your site – and you’re writing about artichokes. These sound wonderful. Since the ‘cots are being picked as I write, I’ll head back there this afternoon with a copy of my Riseria Ferron mini-cookbook for her.

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