Keep on Fava’ing

So with Fava beans being so good for you.. I went in search of more recipes.

Josh and The Food Section is always a great resource and Grilled Fava Beans are a a great idea, perfect timing for the season. The recipe is from another Judy….. at Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. a Temple to food.

I am also going to try making the Pugliese recipes using Fava Beans…Capriata
they cook the dried beans with or without potatoes and then puree them into a soup serving with boiled and then sauteed chicory, sweet and bitter together, serve topped with extra virgin olive oil and a loaf of fabulous bread.
Puglia is called the Bread Basket of Italy, it produces tons of wheat and incredible vegetables,

But I really liked the Garbanzo bean soup topped with hand made tagliatelle in the soup, another twist on pasta and fagioli, but then garnishing it with the same pasta fried.
Pure Genius! I am going to try the same thing with the fava puree I have left over, add liquid and make it a soup.

that’s on the menu later today!


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    Ciao! I’m glad you found me! You must’ve been the one who was looking for fava bean recipes on my Statcounter statistics 😉

    We just got some roasted favas last night–my fiance goes crazy for them, but I remain lukewarm. Good luck on your quest, and I’ll be checking in soon (as well as adding a link to your page from my site) :)

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    I am not sure how I found your blog bleeding expresso.. but the name made me click on it.
    I think I found it on someone elses blog list.

    I will stop by and see how you did your fava’s/
    In Calabria I love the HEAT!!! from the chili’s.
    Went to the Chili festival in diamante and had everything with chili.. including pastry cream and sorbet!


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    This is such a coincidence. I am trying to cook the dried fava bean and chicory soup made in Calabria (from the Calabria In Bocca cookbook). Would love to know if you’ve had any luck getting the dried favas to soften. I cooked mine for more than three hours today and they still weren’t very tender. I finally pureed them.
    P.S. The greens were a nice idea in this soup. I haven’t cooked with them before.

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