Killer Tomatoes

When life gives you tomatoes-

Nothing is like eating a tomato fresh from the garden,
but my ortolana, Paola this year has
Killer Tomatoes!

This baby weighs over a kilo, 2 pounds!
The size of a Florentine Steak.

Bigger than a breadknife!

I made my version of an Israeli breakfast , tiny cubed cucumbers, red onion and tomatoes.
I topped it off with some Tzatski for a cool fresh finish.

It was perfect!

Then I made a Beef Bruschetta for lunch.

A thin, breaded and fried slice of beef, topped with tomato, marinated with
minced garlic, basil and salt.
Serve the meat hot with the cold tomato topping.

Going lighter for a salad,
chopped tomatoes, sliced red onion,
capers, black olives and tuna for a summer salad.

I still have some tomato left.
Any ideas?

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