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    I’d never eaten, much less cooked with eggplant before we moved to Italy. Now of course it’s a staple, and caponata is one of my favorite dishes.

    OTOH, there’s no way I’m mixing my chocolate with eggplant – or any other vegetable for that matter!

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    Barbara, cocoa and chocolate are used often in savory dishes-
    Mole in Mexico and the dolce forte recipes here,usually rabbit or wild boar!

    never say never!

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    I didn’t know this linguistic heritage. That must explain why the damn things make me ill. Too bad, all this looks excellent and edible.

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    Judy, mi hai preso alla sprovvista con le melanzane al cioccolato. Non so se avro’ il coraggio di provarle…

    Le melanzane alla parmigiana le faccio arrostendole al forno invece che friggendole, vengono ancora piu’ leggere. Che bonta’!

    Un saluto dalla California!

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    It’s interesting that you say that the Italians are creative with food – I find the opposite a lot of the time. My flatmate was shocked that I was using garlic with potatoes, for instance – “That’s what they do in Rome. Here we use onions.” And when I made a fennel cake – mamma mia the stinkeyes that it got from everyone! (To give her her due, the flatmate who’d commented on the potato / garlic combo both tried and liked the cake, which was a step up from a few people who refused to even try it because it was just too alien.) I’m a big fan of the idea of vegetables as puddings, so I shall be adding the melanzana a cioccolato recipe to the ever-growing list of ones to try. 😀

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    Being creative is different than being open to “other” foods. italy is very regional! From what color of onion and garlic is really hardly used at all, and not in the quantities we think. Recipes change by region to region, but also by neighborhood. City to city…. Tat’s what makes it great. Ask 10 women in the market a recipe and you will get 10 recipes

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    You’re preaching to the choir, Judy! 😀 I love learning different recipes from people here. Do you not think that creativity and being open to unknown food combinations go hand in hand, though?