Simply Divina- Grilled Spring Onions

Market day always inspires me. There are ingredients that we see only for a brief window in Italy and one must seize the moment!

Today was one of those days.

Certaldo, where I live, is famous for its red onions. They are light and sweet and lovely both raw in salads or in cooking. We have a summer version to be used fresh, statina,and a winter onion to be used “dry”, vernina.

Often foods bring back travel memories and recipes. I love the grilled spring onions I remember eating in Mexico and in Sicily, in the Vucceria market at night, I once ate a grilled spring onion, which had delicate lamb intestines wrapped around it. Those flavors also reminded me of when I was in Greece.

Now the Sicilian market sells pancetta wrapped onions.

My version is to use a more savory and thinner sliced Tuscan prosciutto.

It is simple to trim and wrap the onions, slicing them in half lengthwise if they are too fat.

A perfect savory summer dish. Easy to prepare, pretty and GOOD.



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    Thanks for reminding me about these. We are going to a pot luck grill at Sienna’s on Saturday and I will bring some of these. Salvatore Denaro gave me a good tip: wrap the onions up ahead of time, and let them sit in the fridge overnight. Then the prosciutto really gets a chance to adhere.

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