Divina Cucina Recipes for the Home Kitchen! Judy has collected 93 of her favorite recipes celebrating traditional and new Tuscan culinary specialties. For 25 years, Judy has shared her knowledge of Italian cuisine and culinary history with fellow food lovers in and around Florence. She’s lived in Florence among food experts and foodies, exchanging ideas and recipes, and developed her own style, one that is easy-going and entertaining.

Now the Divina Cucina style, knowledge, and experience have been collected in a convenient cookbook for the home chef. There are tips on setting up a Tuscan pantry at home. And all recipes are Tuscan husband approved!

Now you can prepare simple food at home from quality local ingredients. Learn from Judy how to make the most of regional and seasonal produce. Learn to create great Tuscan dishes from the bounty of your countryside. Secrets from My Tuscan Kitchen shows you an insider’s view of Italian cooking and a way of life that you can create in your home.

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